To book an appointment, you can call one of our offices, or request an appointment online and wait for us to give you a call back.

How to Schedule

To schedule an MRI, you have to have a prescription from a medical provider. Once you have the prescription ready, please give us a call at your most convenient location. Or, you can fill out the form above with your information and wait to receive a call back to set you up with a time.

We are in network with every available insurance plan. However, your insurance plan may require a pre-authorization, so check with your doctor when you receive your prescription. Any plan with a requirement for a pre-authorization may need a few extra days to process the authorization before your appointment.

We also accept motor vehicle accident cases, workers compensation, personal injury, and a competitive self-pay rate of $350.00 per scan if you are not using your personal health insurance. With any case, you will still be required to have a prescription from a medical professional to have your MRI completed.

Your appointment should be booked within a short amount of time. The length of your appointment can depend on the specific part of your body that is being scanned. You may also need more than one part of your body scanned, which we can accommodate during one visit.

You will leave the office with a CD containing the images of your scan(s). This CD can be played on any computer with a CD Drive, and should be shared with your medical professional for consultation. The first business day after your appointment, we will send over your written report describing the results of your scan(s) to your doctor. Should you need those results sent to any other medical professionals, please bring a fax number with you to your appointment and we will be happy to send the results to any doctor that you would like to have a copy.