We're Open...For You

"Everyone from the ladies at the front desk to the MRI tech were great! I am very claustrophobic, this was my first MRI, the tech walked me through everything answered all my questions. Was I nervous? Yes, but I would feel confident to have another MRI here. "

Lori P., 2020


Open MRI Centers is excited to announce that we no longer release imaging records via CD and provide imaging records to patients and care providers through secure, online access!


Please go to our PocketHealth tab for more information

As of June 28th, 2021, Open MRI Centers will follow the Pennsylvania Department of Health guidelines and drop the mask mandate for vaccinated individuals. We will not ask you to proove immunization, but we do ask that you continue to wear a mask if you are not immunized. If you are immunized, you will not be required to wear a mask. The same policy applies to Open MRI Centers staff.

Open MRI Centers urges any patient who is experiencing any symptoms, or may have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, remain home and reschedule their appointment. If you arrive for your appointment, you will be scanned for your temperature. If you have a fever more than 99.9 degrees, you will be asked to leave and not to return until you either get a negative COVID test, or 5 days after your symptoms subside.

We are maintaining high degrees of medical cleanliness, with both physical and chemical protection. We are spacing patients out to allow for more time to clean, and prevent too many people from being in the office. We also ask that you do not bring anyone with you other than who is necessary for your appointment.